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Software built for hospitality hiring and trusted by 1000+ brands

This is the absolute best platform for restaurant hiring I have ever used. I hired a bartender a day after setting up my account! Everything about the platform is completely tailored for the hospitality industry, making it a seamless and easy process for employees and employers. This is like the hospitality hiring version of Tinder.
- Rachel Kohler, Owner @Ludlow’s Hospitality

Find and Attract Candidates

Start hiring in minutes with instant matches from our professional network and one-click job postings to 60+ job boards.

Post Jobs to 60+ Job Boards

Fill your pipeline with one click job postings to over 60+ job boards. We'll instantly post your jobs everywhere people search for work, including Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and more. As applications come in, we collect and organize them, then add them to your foh&boh pipeline, so you can review candidates from hundreds of job sites, all in one place.
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Instant Matches

Start interviewing moments after creating your first position with instant matches from our professional network. We'll curate a list of candidates that fit your unique needs based on over 20 factors such as experience, salary, commute preferences, and more.
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Move the Right Applicants Forward

Review detailed candidate profiles, gather feedback from your hiring team, and schedule interviews with the best matches.

Screen Candidates

We automatically screen candidates based on your specific job requirements. Factors like availability, work experience, certifications, commute time and more... Once qualified, candidates can select an interview time from your calendar, or schedule a video interview.
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Schedule Interviews

Spend less time contacting candidates with one-click interview scheduling that manages candidate text and email reminders, and is flexible to accommodate in-person, phone or video interviewing.
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Make the Best Hire in Half the Time

Move faster with a platform that automates processes and manual tasks like job descriptions, candidate notifications and reminders, candidate pipelines and more.

Optimized Job Descriptions

We pre-populate SEO optimized Job Descriptions for over 30 hospitality industry positions.

Text & Email

Customize text or email requests and reminders to job seekers.

Pipeline Management

Automatically manage the candidates' progress through your hiring process with our predefined pipeline management system.
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