Found Strong Candidate Pool Despite COVID-19


J. Alexander

The Challenge

Owning multiple upscale dining brands, J. Alexander Holdings Group currently operates 46 locations across 16 states. Even with such a strong market presence, the team at J. Alexander found hiring during the COVID-19 pandemic to be especially challenging. Needing to staff up across all positions, the team needed a way to quickly identify qualified candidates who were willing to respect COVID-19 safety rules and reliably make it in to work.

How We helped?

Instead of passively waiting for candidates to apply, foh&boh instantly gave the team at J. Alexander’s access to a pool of candidates actively looking for work during the pandemic. Candidate profiles made it easy for the team to identify people who matched their specific requirements. And the platform’s 1-click interview request tool was customizable so that they could attach their internal process to it, allowing candidates to complete it before arriving at their interview.


  • 👎 Job openings were only posted to their internal careers page and promoted through their payroll processor (ADP)
  • 👎 Passive process for identifying qualified candidates
  • 👎 Few candidates demonstrated interest

With foh&boh

  • 🌟 Instantly access to a pool of qualified candidates who are actively looking for work
  • 🌟 Personalized profiles featuring photos, videos, bios and past experience help hiring managers find qualified candidates
  • 🌟 Customizable 1-click interview request tool connects their internal process to each invitation

The Results

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic creating hiring difficulties, the J. Alexander team was able to efficiently staff up all their positions across their organization.

Allowing a means for direct contact versus through app/website notification is one of the best features. I was able to instantly message with candidates and immediately save time versus our other hiring platforms. My management team was relieved to hear there was an effective solution to our hiring struggles!
- Kristen Opalinski, GM
@ J. Alexanders White Bridge Road