Better Quality Candidates Than Even Staff Referrals


TC Restaurant Group

The Challenge

Managing over 800 employees across 5 locations, TC Restaurant Group has always had to be prepared for staff turn-over. To mitigate this issue, the team largely relied on staff referrals and hardly used outside platforms. But managing word of mouth referrals at scale made the overall process manual and prevented the team from controlling the timeline.

How We helped?

Foh&boh’s simple user interface and candidate profiles caught the attention of the TC Restaurant Group. They were intrigued by the idea of previewing a candidate’s bio and getting to know their personalities without relying on an interview or hearsay from another teammate’s referral. Plus the platform’s layout and interface made the administrative aspect of hiring much easier to manage at scale.


  • 👎 Relied only on staff referrals to identify new candidates
  • 👎 No control over candidate pool
  • 👎 Inconsistent candidate qualifications

With foh&boh

  • 🌟 High volume, on-demand access to qualified candidates
  • 🌟 Preview personality fit prior to an interview
  • 🌟 Easy interview scheduling means no time wasted trading emails

The Results

Multiple managers from various locations within TC Restaurant Group were able to initiate a high volume of interview requests without waiting for staff referrals. Combined with the ease of 1-click interview requests, they wasted less time trading emails with potential candidates and instead stayed focused on interviewing and hiring the right candidates.

We have high volume concepts and need access to talent constantly. Foh&boh gave us that opportunity and allowed us to schedule interviews quickly and easily. Our team liked seeing profiles and being able to get to know the candidates as well.