Filled Over 80 New Positions Across 7 New Locations


Grand Hyatt

The Challenge

Launching a new hotel with 7 new restaurant locations poses a hiring challenge for any veteran recruiter. The team at Grand Hyatt had traditionally used ATS systems and job boards, but they knew they needed a competitive advantage. Any setback in quickly filling 100+ roles could easily derail their opening timeline, or risk them opening understaffed. Instead of manually sourcing thousands of candidates the team knew they needed a solution to help automate the process and uncover talent quickly.

How We helped?

For every job posted by the Grand Hyatt team, foh&boh matched over 300 potential applicants that had already been pre-vetted against the team’s criteria and were ranked based on more than 20 factors like availability, experience, distance, desired commute time, responsiveness to other inquiries, and more.
And with 1-click interview requests, they were able to reach out to hundreds of qualified candidates in minutes.


  • πŸ‘Ž Reliance on multiple job boards to source applicants
  • πŸ‘Ž Long lead times to generate interest for filling a high volume of positions
  • πŸ‘Ž Heavy administrative work for scheduling interviews and managing pipeline

With foh&boh

  • 🌟 Instant access to a large volume of potential candidates meeting specific criteria
  • 🌟 One single platform to manage candidates instead of tracking them across multiple 3rd party tools
  • 🌟 Easy candidate pipeline management

The Results

Grand Hyatt hired 70-80% of their 100+ positions for opening day through foh&boh’s platform. The streamlined process kept hiring timelines intact and made candidate tracking easy.

  • Shorter time to hire with foh&boh’s pre-vetted candidate pool
  • More time spent completing interviews instead of waiting for no-shows
Everything was superior to what we had been doing. The staff really loves the platform and found it easy to use. Candidates were responsive and we hired 70-80% of our opening staff through foh&boh.
- Gideon Packianathan, Director of HR
@ Grand Hyatt Nashville