Cut Interview & No-Shows Down to Zero


Bad Axe Throwing

The Challenge

Staff turnover in the restaurant industry is traditionally high. Couple that with
a move into a bigger space across town and the team at Bad Axe Throwing knew they needed to hire additional staff from the ground up. However, hiring from Indeed and Craigslist took far too long and the quality of candidates was low — many were simply a bad fit. They needed a better solution for identifying and connecting with qualified candidates.

How We helped?

After posting their open positions on foh&boh, the team didn’t have to wait to find qualified talent. The platform’s algorithm automatically matched them with prospective applicants with the experience, availability and commute time they were looking for. With a suite of easy to use tools, scheduling interviews and managing candidates through their hiring pipeline became a breeze.


  • 👎 Long lead times to source quality candidates
  • 👎 Manually sifting through resumes to find matches
  • 👎 Labor intensive outreach to confirm interest and schedule interviews
  • 👎 Most candidates were no-shows at scheduled interview times.

With foh&boh

  • 🌟 Immediate applicant pool matching key hiring criteria
  • 🌟 Smart tools allow 1-click interview scheduling with automated reminders
  • 🌟 Easy candidate pipeline management
Foh&Boh’s scheduling tools cut interview no-shows down to zero

The Results

The foh&boh platform helped the team at Bad Axe Throwing stay focused on hiring great candidates instead of the administrative work of sifting through resumes and scheduling interviews.

  • Spent less time looking for candidates by matching them with great candidates immediately.
  • Relieved their team of the administrative work with tools that made scheduling interviews easy.
  • Custom pipeline stages made it simple to track each candidate through their hiring process.
  • None of their foh&boh candidates missed their interviews!
We had an overwhelming response to the positions we created in foh&boh. It outperformed any other hiring platform. Foh&boh offered us the best talent and 100% of candidates showed up for their interviews. Such a great resource, incredibly easy to use!
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- Tom Dahl, owner
@ Bad Axe Throwing Nashville