Filled 60 New Positions in 14 Days


Waldo’s Kitchen

The Challenge

With two new QSR restaurant locations scheduled to open in two weeks, the team at Waldo’s Kitchen needed to fill over 60 positions fast. Traditional job boards were not delivering qualified applicants with nearly enough speed to meet this deadline.

How We helped?

Immediately after signing up, foh&boh matched the team at Waldo’s with a large pool of qualified candidates. The platform’s 1-click interview request function allowed them to invite over 200 candidates to interview within 10 minutes. And in case that wasn’t enough interest, they leveraged foh&boh’s job board syndication to bring in additional applicants over the two week period.


  • 👎 Traditional job boards with few qualified candidates
  • 👎 Long lead time to hire

With foh&boh

  • 🌟 Instant access to qualified candidates
  • 🌟 1-click interview request makes connecting with a high volume of candidates easy
  • 🌟 Job board syndication seamlessly sources fresh talent from 60+ job boards in one hour

The Results

Leveraging foh&boh’s platform, Waldo’s Kitchen made it to opening day with over 60 new hires made in a 14 day period.

  • Time to hire is now a fraction of what it used to be
  • High confidence that new hires will be a great fit for the team
  • Lower staff turnover
What drew me into trying foh&boh was the main concept: that it posts out to 65 different job boards/platforms including major ones, and the majority of job boards I had used in the past, but organized it all in one place for us with a very fair cost. We felt foh&boh gave us the fastest, highest quality results for interviews and candidates in comparison to to all other platforms we’ve used.