Why your $0 Compensation Job Posts are not attracting applicants on Indeed and Zip Recruiter

foh&boh lets Employers know the consequences of omitting comp

We hear it all the time from restaurant hiring managers– 

“Can I leave my compensation range blank?

Yes, you can, is always the answer. But why do you want to is always our follow up question.

Job boards are cracking down on Wage Transparency, as many states are adopting laws around this issue with Colorado and New York being the first and most aggressive

Here are several reasons why posting the compensation range for restaurant jobs is critical to your success in attracting the right candidates to meet your expectations.


  1. Attracting the right talent


Compensation (or lack thereof) the #1 reason that job seekers do not apply to a job. 

Job seekers have multiple options when it comes to choosing where to apply in the restaurant industry, and they prioritize their time and effort. By providing the wage range, restaurant hiring managers can filter candidates who align with their budget up front. This ensures that applicants are more likely to have realistic salary expectations and helps avoid wasting time for both the restaurant management and job seekers.


  1. The job boards will de-prioritize jobs that are missing this info. 


Below is a recent statement from Zip Recruiter to their Partners.

At ZipRecruiter, we are committed to building transparency and delivering best-in-class results for employers and job seekers. Data shows that providing pay information on job postings increases recruiting efficiency and job seeker engagement.

In fact, ZipRecruiter data shows job postings where pay information is listed receive 50% more applications, on average*, and are 3x more likely to deliver quality candidates**.

Therefore, active job postings should include pay information. If pay information is not provided directly, ZipRecruiter will provide an estimate on behalf of the hiring company.


So, if you don’t put the compensation range in your job descriptions, they will provide an estimated range on your behalf. Wouldn’t you rather control this yourself?


  1. Wasted Time and Effort


Applying for a job is a time-consuming process that requires candidates to update their resumes, craft an opening interest statement, and complete application forms. 

Without compensation details, job seekers may invest considerable effort into the application only to discover that the salary offered is below their expectations. This wasted time can lead to frustration and deter candidates from applying to future positions with the same employer or worse, spread negativity about the culture of your restaurant. 

The hospitality workforce is a tight-knit group and word gets around fast. Don’t be on the wrong side of such sentiments.


  1. Establishing a Positive Employer Brand


Employer branding and culture reputation plays a significant role in attracting top talent. 

Being transparent about compensation your restaurant can cultivate a positive reputation as an employer that respects its employees. A strong employer brand helps your restaurant stand out in this crowded job market.  In turn, this ultimately attracts more candidates who are aligned with your restaurant’s values and culture.


Are you convinced now? Go ahead with confidence and attract the right people!