Take Inventory: tasks, goals, needs and wants


I read an article this week by Jason Feifer, editor of Entrepreneur Magazine, that outlined his path to getting where you want to go in order to get ahead in your career, your business or even your personal life.


I immediately thought about our customers — you, the restaurant owner, operator or general manager.

Where do you want your business to go? Do you want more customers during those in-between-meal times; i.e. 2pm-4pm?

Or maybe faster output by your kitchen to increase the table turnover during the lunch rush.

Maybe fewer customers with higher tickets is your goal.


As I read Jason’s article, it occurred to me that those of us mired down in the trenches each day don’t stop to ask ourselves what our goal really is? Unfortunately, it is too easy to feel accomplished at the end of the day because we finished all these “tasks.” I know that for me, crossing off the to-do list makes me feel good, like a worthy contributor to the business. And listen, these tasks need to get done. But it can kill your growth. 


Imagine, as a restaurant owner, you want to stop doing the day-to-day accounting so that you can focus more on the menu. And how would a change-up in the menu affect your business? Wouldn’t it be cool to find out?!

Here are Jason’s steps for figuring out what and how to get ahead:

1. You’ve got to identify your goal.

Where do you want to go? Do you want a Michelin Star? Or do you want to relocate to a busier street corner?


2. Assess what you have. 


As it relates to your goal, take inventory of your current environment. What is your BOH team capable of doing right now? What is the traffic pattern of your existing location?


3. What do you need?


Do you need to provide training to your current staff so that you can uplevel your menu? Do you need to develop relationships with local purveyors to increase the quality of the ingredients your kitchen uses? Figure out what you need in order to get to your goal.


4. What is Available? 


I love how Jason puts this: When I say “available,” I mean available right now. We’re not talking in five years, or in a fantasy world, or what you wish was available. We’re talking within reach, right now. Something you could do today. 

Are there on-line courses available for your team that would contribute to your goal of upleveling the menu?




Make that call. Ask your peers or mentors for advice on the right step to take. Take the time to do the research so that you can invest your time in growing your business.


Thank you, Jason, for reminding us that three little steps make you jump a lot further.

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