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Thank you to US Venture News for recognizing those of us who are working hard to leverage technology without losing the hospitality along the way.

Here is the full article:

The US restaurant industry is seeing a rapid evolution spurred by the integration of technology. This appetite for innovation has given birth to a profusion of startups in New York that are pushing the boundaries of what’s technologically possible in the restaurant and food-service sector. Ranging from tech platforms that automate restaurant operations to companies that create a novel dining experience, these startups are set to redefine the restaurant realm. Let’s take a closer look at some of New York’s most exciting restaurant startups.

1. Pepper

Pepper is a startup driven by the mission of building the digital operating system for the food supply chain. Founders Bowie Cheung, Chetan Narain, and Ivana Tesanovic envision a future where technology enhances every aspect of the food and beverage industry, from wholesale to retail. Their dynamic platform merges various domains such as apps, e-commerce, food processing, restaurants, software, and wholesale to revolutionize the food and beverage industry.

2. Dripos

In a similar space but taking another approach is Dripos. Founded by founders Avery Durrant and Jack Pawlik, Dripos is developing a piece of software that covers every operational need of a restaurant. Their unique solution spans across consumer software, restaurants, Software as a Service (SaaS), and software, providing comprehensive digital solutions tailored for the modern restaurant.

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3. mealco

mealco, a startup founded by Daniel Simon, is a food-tech platform that specializes in creating delivery-native food brands. Powered by innovations in food and beverage, food delivery, and restaurants, mealco is rethinking how food brands are created and delivered to today’s consumer.

4. FOH & BOH

FOH & BOH is reshaping restaurant staffing with technology. Particularly in sectors like consulting, recruiting, and restaurants. Founders Halle Hayes and Mary Thompson have created an innovative platform that matches talented candidates with the right restaurant positions.

5. EZ100

Moving to the supplier side of the business, EZ100 is a digital wholesale online restaurant supply store, started by Mark Fan. Aiming to simplify and streamline the procurement process for restaurants, this startup is making waves in the e-commerce, marketplace, restaurant, and wholesale industries.

6. Kitchen to Kitchen

Kitchen to Kitchen provides much-needed support services for hospitality and restaurant operations. They combine their expertise in hospitality and restaurants to help businesses improve their offerings and create better dining experiences for customers.

7. Zero Bond

Known as “the gathering place,” Zero Bond is a hospitality startup with an emphasis on developing a community around its restaurant experiences. Zero Bond seeks to create a homely and inviting atmosphere that keeps customers coming back.

8. Lekka Burger

With the rise in consumer demand for plant-based food options, Lekka Burger has positioned itself as a trendsetter in this space. Founded by Andrea Kerzner, Lekka Burger is a vegan restaurant that offers plant-based burgers, oat milkshakes, and more. They are also leveraging technology to offer convenient online orders and nationwide shipping services.

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9. Lunchbox Technologies

Lunchbox Technologies is enhancing the important digital interface between restaurants and their customers. Offering digital marketing and ordering solutions for brick and mortar restaurants, founders Andrew Boryk, Hadi Rashid, and Mohammad Afzal are simplifying and enriching the online food ordering experience.

10. Minitable

Minitable is a unique startup that is best described as a social commerce platform for dining. Founders Di Wu, Joe Qian, and Sean Pan are focused on building an end-to-end dining experience by harnessing artificial intelligence, big data, enterprise software, mobile, and restaurant technologies.


Making food delivery more efficient is the mission of REPEATS. This startup is using technology to reimagine food delivery, with a focus on delivery, internet, local, location based services, mobile, and restaurants.

12. Tourlami

Leading the charge in plant-based ingredients is Tourlami. Specializing in plant-based butter for professional use, this startup, founded by Susannah Schoolman, is shaping the future of bakery, food and beverage, recipes, and restaurants.

13. CheckPlz

CheckPlz is enhancing the restaurant dining experience from another perspective, providing insights on Front-of-House operations through enabled customer feedback. CheckPlz, founded by Andrew DiGiorgio, Matthew Olan, and Zachary Klein, innovatively uses technology in the domains of marketing, mobile, mobile advertising, mobile payments, and restaurants.

14. Kitch

Kitch is specially designed to fill a gap in the commercial kitchen sector by connecting those who have underutilized space with those in need. Founders Aaron Nevin and Daniel Unter are making it easier to find and book commercial kitchens in the food and beverage, hospitality, marketplace, and restaurants industries.

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15. Founders Table Restaurant Group

Last but certainly not least, Founders Table Restaurant Group, founded by Leo Kremer, is in the business of creating, acquiring, and cultivating restaurant companies. This startup is shaping the future of the food and beverage industry with each company it builds or transforms.

Each of these startups represents a unique vision united by the goal of harnessing technology to transform the restaurant industry and dining experience. In the years to come, their efforts are sure to transform the face of the New York restaurant scene and beyond.